Thursday, June 14, 2012

Houston's 9 month wellness visit

Houston had his 9 month wellness visit. His doctor was more than pleased with his stats, the amazing progress he is making and all the catching up he has done. Here are the stats:

Length: 27.83 inches
Weight: 19lbs 15oz
Head Circumference: 44.1cm

% based on a preemie scale:
L: 89 percentile
W: 85 percentile
HC: 58 percentile

% based on a full-term 9 month old:
L:  30 percentile
W: 37 percentile
HC: 16 percentile

Our appointment was quick and easy. There were no concerns for us or for his doctor. She checked everything she needed to and he checked out healthy and strong. By the power of God and prayer our 2lb 7oz baby boy is happy, healthy and CHUNKY. She said she doesn't even see 1 year old's at this weight and at these stats, so she was super impressed with how healthy he is and how much he has caught up. We were more concerned for his head growth since preemies tend to have smaller heads due to lack of vital brain growth in the last trimester. Since Houston didn't get a third trimester we have to watch his brain growth closely. His head and brain growth is perfect, I think she said it grew several inches since his last check up 3 months ago. So his brain is growing and doing what its supposed to do. Praise Jesus! She did say we could introduce juice in a sippy cup this month. We don't need to go back till he is 1 year old. 

Praise God for the health of both my children

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  1. Such a great update!

    And I adore that bald head!