Monday, March 12, 2012

Memory Lane

So I have been getting out Landon's baby clothes from the attic and going through them to see what Houston can and cant wear. I am trying to downsize and consign more of the clothes I have collected. Well I came across a sleeper that I remember Landon wearing at about the same age Houston is now.

Landon at 7 months old; Feb 2009
Houston at 6 months old in the same sleeper
Landon had more hair when he was Houston's age
Houston has caught up with Landon in weight at this age and H is able to wear most of L's 6 and 9 month clothes. Just shows you how much my 2lb 7oz preemie has caught up
Big brother wanted in the picture. I cant believe L will be 4 in a few months

LOVE them

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