Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Houston's 6 month wellness visit

Today Jason and I took Houston to his 6 month wellness visit. His doctor was so impressed at how well H is doing and the progress he has made since his last visit.

Here are the stats:
Weight: 16lbs 2oz; 97% percentile on a preemie curve; 25% on an average full-term baby curve
Height: 25"; 96% percentile on a preemie curve; 7% on an average curve
Head Circumference: 41.5cm; 76% percentile on a preemie curve; 5% on an average curve

Most preemies have a problem with a smaller head and bigger body, but not our boy. His little head is the perfect size for him. Praise God!

We are so happy to see that his preemie stats are high and that he is now on the average curve for a full term 6 month old on all levels. Even if they are low, but that is expected.
We got the go ahead to start foods. Starting with vegetables and then the fruits. He has already been eating cereal by spoon for a few weeks and LOVES it, so I cant wait to see him enjoy the real stuff this week.
Houston has been on Similiac NeoSure formula, which is a very expensive formula made especially for premature babies. Since his weight is so high on both curves his doctor gave us the go ahead to start feeding him normal milk based Similiac formula. ;o)
The doctor was a little concerned that H is still curling his toes and griping a fist. She explained to us that most newborn to 4 month old do this and most grow out of it. Since H is only suppose to be a little over 3 months, were just going to watch him for the next 4 weeks and see if he grows out of it. If he does not grow out of it then he will have to have some sort of Physical Therapy. Basically his brain has not told his muscles to relax yet. So I pray that the fisting and toe curling fixes itself.
This little muffin top got 3 shots today in the leg and a dose of Tylenol, so its bedtime.
I praise God for the health and well being that he has instilled in our little miracle boy.
We love you baby Houston!

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  1. This post makes me so happy! Houston (and Landon) is such a little cutie....so glad that he is doing well!

    Hope to see you guys on the soccer field soon!