Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

For the past three years our sweet friends Norton, Kelly and their daughter Anniston host a Easter egg hunt at their AMAZING home. They are so sweet and gracious to open their beautiful home to all of their family and friends and provide lunch, dessert, drinks and most of all fun. They also rent a bounce house for the kids, a pinata and of course the egg hunt itself. I always forget something when we go somewhere and yesterday was the camera. Hey at least I didn't forget the kids or Jason. haha. Here are some pictures from our fun afternoon yesterday I took from their photographer.

Norton and Kelly's BEAUTIFUL home. Its the perfect area for LOTS of kids to run around. They also have a small running water creek that runs in the front of the house
 Perfect yard for an egg hunt

 Fabulous cupcakes
Landon was in heaven with the bounce house

Landon's always posing even when the camera is not on him. See him in the bounce house?
Jason and Houston
See Landon in the top left of the picture with his arms crossed and pouting? They had a pinata and the girl right in front of him hit it and broke it open so he was upset that he was not able to hit it with the bat. I mean he was mad, he didn't even go after the candy he was so steaming. Well a part of the pinata was still hanging up so I put the blind fold on him and let him hit it. He was a happy camper after that. ;o)
Easter egg hunt time
All the kids. I think its a pretty good picture since there were so many kids.
We had a BLAST and cant wait till next year with 2 boys running around.

This is Landon at last years egg hunt

 We celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary and just found out we were pregnant with Houston

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