Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy 6 months Houston

Yesterday our little miracle child turned 6 months old. It's been half a year since our little 2lb 7oz preemie entered our world so unexpectedly. The 67 days he spent in the NICU seemed like they would never end and thinking where would we be 6 months from that point seemed to far out of our grasp. Fast forward and here we are, with our little guy 6 months later and I think about how quickly the past 6 months have flown by.

Houston LOVES his exersaucer
and he LOVES his BIG brother
Houston loves to watch Landon play and I know they will be best friends one day. I'm sure Landon will show Houston a few tricks down the road
I just thought I would post this. The diaper on the left was his preemie diaper he wore at 2lbs 7oz and today he is in a size 3 diaper and weighs 16lbs.
Hard to believe he was small enough to fit into this preemie diaper
My chunky monkey
He goes in for his 6 month wellness exam Tuesday so I don't have exact measurements, but I will update then so I will have for my records

Weight about 16lbs, if not more
Size 3 diaper
6 month clothes
He has discovered his tongue and LOVES to stick it out all the time
Still has blue eyes and I hope they stay blue
Smiles and talks more
rolls over from belly to back
eats rice cereal by spoon
takes a 6oz bottle every 3 to 4 hours
sleeps from 8pm to about 4:30am or 5am everyday
Starting to drool so maybe teeth are on their way
Gets excited when he sees or hear someone he knows
He still goes to Mrs.Judy's house while mommy and brother are at school and he just loves her
Houston's personality is just starting to come out more
He's so calm and laid back
He still will not relax his fingers or toes enough to hold toys
He has been home for 4 months
At the end of this month we go back to the NICU for a 6 month follow up to meet with a Neurologist, Physical Therapist and a Nurse Practitioner just to follow up since being released from the NICU. They like to see the babies since being released to keep up with their progress.
He is a healthy, happy and thriving baby who has not looked back since entering this world at 26 weeks. We love him more and more everyday and has completely completed our family. The first 67 days of his life were a challenge for my family and I and we had lots of what ifs, why us and doubts of his future. I would do it all over again if needed for this sweet precious face.

This is me holding Houston for the first time at 5 days old and a little over 2lbs. exactly 6 months ago
Seems like it was just yesterday.
We have come ALONG way
Happy 6 months Houston!


  1. Wow seeing that last picture is amazing. He's grown so much. I'm so glad to hear that he's doing so well!

  2. Truly amazing! He is such a precious little guy!