Friday, June 10, 2011

Just a little TV time

While I was cooking dinner last night I went in to check on Landon and I found him watching Elmo like this

I am going tonight for an ultrasound with my mom just to see our little one. We actually found out the sex at the doctors office 2 wks ago at 12 weeks. Since I am high risk I get ultrasounds every few weeks at the doctors office and a few with my mom during those weeks. Most of our friends know what we are having, but I did not post on here just in case, but from what I saw and previous experience it looked like what she saw. HAHA!! We should be able to tell for sure tonight. We found out Landon was a boy at 15 wks with my mom scanning me. I am 14 wks 4 days today so we should get a clear shot as long as baby corporates. I will post pics and what were having over the weekend. So check back soon!

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