Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby #2 is a.....

Baby #2 is a BOY!!
We are having another boy and could not be more excited that Landon is going to have a little brother

 Arm and hand waving at his big brother
 15 weeks pregnant with another BOY!
We have a few names picked out that we like, but I'm not monogramming just yet. ;o)

Starting my 2nd trimester I am feeling very well. I am glad L and I are on summer break, we really look forward to our daily naps. haha ;) I could not tell you how much I have gained with this 2nd pregnancy. I am still continuing to workout on a daily basis which helps with my energy a lot. The 3 B's (boobs, butt and belly) are noticeably getting bigger every week.

Landon knows that there is a baby in mommy's belly. He loves to kiss the baby and give him hugs. He also tries to give his baby brother his night night's (his blankets) and his boo (paci) and stuffs them under my shirt. SO CUTE!! If you ask L if he wants a baby brother or sister he still says sister. Sorry Landon not this time around.

Our next doctor appointment is next week!

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