Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Living room

We have completed the painting of our new living room and I received my curtains FedEx this afternoon.

Looking into the dining room

View from the stairs

Jason bought this:

to go over this:

We bought a 47" Vizio LCD flat screen to go over our mantle. It should be here and the mounting hardware this week. Hopefully we can get it up this weekend. We are possibly switching cable provider's so we might not be able to enjoy our new TV and room for a few weeks.

I had some paint left over so I decided to paint our downstairs bath with new white trim as well. Not sure on the decorating of this bath maybe instead of brown and green I will go with black, silver and green. The woman who lived here before us painted it mustard yellow with bird border (I KNOW YUCK!!) I have been living with this color and border for 3 years so it just HAD to go.

I just wanted to throw in a picture of my little man. This is all we did over the weekend since we were snowed/iced in for several days.

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  1. I love the room!!! It looks great, becareful hanging the TV over the fireplace. Paul's parents had theirs like that and had to move it b/c it hurt their necks to watch TV. I also love that handsome little man!