Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Landon

Well my family just returned from an amazing beach vacation. We left 9 days ago and returned Saturday night. We went with Jason's sister and her family and we just had the best time with them. The boys did wonderful on the beach and the weather was great. While we were there Landon turned 5 on July 14. Since 5 is a big one I wanted to make it special for him.

My dad lives in FL so we visited him first and Landon rode his first go cart on this birthday
The rest of the day we swam in the ocean and played on the beach
That night the whole family went to eat at Margaritaville
All our family celebrating Landon's 5th birthday
The birthday boy
The kids with the balloon artist

One of his presents was a new boogie board for the beach. He's holding up his hands saying he is 5
We returned from the beach Saturday and his birthday party was yesterday
Since we were gone for 9 days I really didn't have too much time to prepare so we just had a little front yard birthday party. The theme he choose was Ninja Turtles

The food table

Drink table with turtle punch
Little goody bags
We just threw the slip n slide and kiddie pool out in the front yard and just let them play and have fun
Little brother had a great time too
Who needs a fancy party? Kids just want to run around and play with their friends
About 10 minutes into the party, the bottom fell out and started to pour rain
The kids didn't care and just kept on playing. No thunder or lighting just heavy rain ;o)

Being on the beach for Landon's birthday and then coming back to have a birthday party was so fun for him. He is the best little boy and I am one blessed mommy.

 Now that vacation and birthday are over with, we are gearing up for Kindergarten and looking at school supplies.

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