Friday, August 2, 2013

Beach Vacation 2013

Well I meant to blog about our beach vacation um... about 2 weeks ago, but life happens. We are all excited about starting Kindergarten in 13 days and have been busy preparing for that and Houston and I going back to school as well. So we had a fabulous time on the beach this year. We went with Jason's sister, husband and her two adult kids and their kids. My mom even came down for the first few days. Before we meet them at the beach we stopped for a few days to visit my dad and step mom.

Landon's 1st time on a go-cart
We visited the Gulf Aquarium one afternoon

Out of about 10 pictures this is the best I could get
After spending 2 days with my dad and step mom, we drove about an hour down the beach and met up with Jason's sister, her family and my mom.

Best family picture I could get
Both boys did an AMAZING job at the beach and they LOVED every minute of our time there.

This was taken on Landon's 5th birthday
Best I could get of the boys on the beach together ;o)
Houston loved playing in the sand and water

The boys had fun playing in my suitcase. 
I have been trying to get Landon to nap for 2 years now and the beach gets him in 5 days
I was able to keep up my running schedule on vacation and got several runs in the early morning
Running by the beach in the early morning was wonderful

After every run I soaked my hot and tired feet in the pool
I found a Tervis store and splurged on this baby.
Another great lunch at Peach Park on our way home
We had a wonderful beach vacation with our family
Until next year

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