Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random Happenings

Not too much has been going on in our house hold lately. We are 5 weeks out from summer break and its about to get busy starting in May. Here are some photos of random happenings

One of Landon's little friends came over to play last week. Our back yard is a common area that's wooded and the kids like to play back there. The boys were playing and found a plastic chair, a tiki torch and some medal fireplace wood holder thing. The things boys can get into.
I was able to have a nice lunch with my mom and a good friend from work
The weather has been wonderful so we ventured out to the Nashville zoo. Landon LOVED brushing the goats. He made sure every goat was bushed in the petting area. A little OCD like his mama ;o)
Poor Houston was running and fell face first into the concrete
The great thing about my job is that my boys are able to go with me and I can see them anytime I want during the day. Here is Houston being pushed by two adorable twin girls. 
I am revamping our front porch this spring by re painting our furniture and adding new cushions. Landon decided he wanted to help so why not. He actually did pretty good
Our VBS is coming up in June so the family and I walked our neighborhood to place VBS magnets on their mailboxes. Landon had a blast doing this and making sure everyone received a magnet. Again a little OCD

Like all of us I am truly devastated to what happened in Boston on Monday. I started out the morning tracking my 6 friends who ran that morning and ended the day in horror . I had 6 friends from my running club that ran the marathon. Luckily they all crossed the finish line before the bomb went off and were able to receive their medals. However there were thousands of people that did not and were stranded on the side lines and of course others that lost their lives or suffered injuries. As a runner in this running community I am upset that someone could and would do this. I am leaving tomorrow morning to run in my 4th half marathon with my running club. Now more than ever am I looking forward to spending the weekend with these awesome people and running in honor of those people in Boston.

Here are our 6 Boston Marathoners with their gorgeous medals
80 people came out last night to welcome them home 

My friend sent me this and really hit home

I leave tomorrow morning with 50 members of my running club for the next three days. I am more excited about this race than ever. Not only because I plan to beat my previous time from my last half marathon, but I am so excited to be cheering on my friends that are running their very first full marathon (26.2 miles). And to honor those from Boston

I am a runner and we will run!

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