Tuesday, April 9, 2013

8th Wedding Anniversary

Today is mine and Jason's 8th wedding anniversary. It seems like just yesterday it was April 9, 2005. We both were 23 years young and about to start the adventure of our lives together.

Believe it or not digital pictures were not popular just yet and all my wedding photos are on film
It was the time of tiaras, big veils and dresses with LOTS of beading and sequence  
We had an evening ceremony with about 200 guest
I remember our first dance like it was yesterday

I was so excited and still am to be married to my best friend and partner in life
A few hours after this picture was taken we were on our way to Aruba for 10 days

The past 8 years have really been the best years of my life. As a couple we have accomplished so much together and we continue to grow and achieve new goals every day. Of course our biggest accomplishments are our two beautiful boys and the life we have made for and with them. Jason, I love you and look forward in continuing this journey of life with you. 
Happy Anniversary!

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