Sunday, April 7, 2013

Color Run

Last weekend Jason and I ran the Color Run. Well, when I say ran we really just walked it. I actually ran 10 miles the previous morning so it was a rest day for me. There were about 15,000 people there and it was difficult to actually run, it was not a timed race and there are no prizes for fastest time. It really was just for fun and to enjoy the downtown Nashville scenery.

You have to wear a white shirt and get as much color on you as possible

15,000 people all with white shirts on

My friend Kim and I 

The Color Run mascot is a unicorn
In front of the Titans stadium and LP field

We walked through 5 different colors
At the end we were covered 
This was our 2nd time participating in this run and we just have a blast each time. Landon wants to join us for the one in the fall and I am excited he wants to run like mommy. Get your kids to exercise folks ;o)

I look  forward to doing this again in October. 

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