Saturday, February 16, 2013

Romance and Roses 2013

For the last six years Jason and I have had the pleasure of attending our church's annual Valentines day celebration, called Romance and Roses. Romance and Roses is a yearly event to celebrate marriage, connect with your spouse, and to simply have an inspiring event together. In our ticket price, we receive a three course meal along with an awesome entertainer and a live band.

The tables are always decorated so nicely
All the wives received a rose

My good friend and co-worker, Krissy
Some amazing ladies I work with

This was our 6th Romance and Roses. There are some pictures of my sweetheart and I from years past

Romance and Roses 2010; this is the year the event was actually on my birthday
2011; I remember this night well, I was so sick and just got the flu the day before. The next month I got pregnant with Houston

Since my birthday is February 12, Romance and Roses is usually just a few days after it or on my actual birthday. Usually we just incorporate my birthday and Valentines day date night into this event. It's so much fun and we look forward to it every year. We are very blessed to have such an amazing church that see's the importance of a good, strong Godly marriage and takes the time to do these types of events each year. 

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