Sunday, February 10, 2013

Frostbite 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles)

Yesterday I ran my second half marathon. It was about 45 minutes outside of Nashville in Lebanon at one of their state parks.

Several members of my running club before the race

We had lots of members of our running group run the 13.1 miles
My good friends, Lauren and Angie. Lauren paced Angie to her personal record (PR)
Tim, Steve and I starting the race
Some of the course was in the woods and on gravel road. Here's my pacer Steve leading the way and setting the pace for my PR
Kelli was also helping Steve lead the way for me
I think this was about mile 4 or 5
Angie and Lauren at the halfway point
Steve, Kelli and I spiriting to the finish line. This was a very emotional moment for me
My first half marathon time in October 2012 was 2 hrs and 47 mins. Yesterday's time was 2 hrs and 28 mins. I knocked off 19 minutes off my time to make yesterdays run a PR for me. 
My first goal was to run in 2 hr and 30 mins. Well then I looked at the course which included lots of hills, gravel, unstable pavement and horse grates on the ground, so I was really doubting myself. I was thinking if I just do better than 2:47 I will be happy. Well Steve forgot his Garmin so I gave him mine since he was my pacer. He could do the math for me, as far as what my times were per mile to reach the 2:30 goal. So I had no clue what my time was till I turned the corner at the last .10 of a mile and saw the clock that read 2:28. At that moment I pretty much cried and sprinted to the finish line. I could not believe I was under 2:30 with that tough course. I will  never forget that moment, I turned the corner and saw that time clock, it was just an amazing feeling, like hearing your baby cry for the first time feeling. All my hard work had paid off. 

My time, distance and calories burned
Angie and I after the race. We both rocked the 13.1 and both had AMAZING personal records. I am so proud of this girl. Love her!

My running group is amazing and so supportive. Steve and Kelli both stayed with me the entire race and really encouraged me the whole way. They personally have had better times on their half marathons and could have ran this one faster, but they didn't  They really wanted me to succeed and I greatly appreciate them for that. That's what running is all about. Fast, fun and most importantly fellowship. 

I am in full training mode for my next half marathon on April 20th. 

Happy running!

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