Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

What a busy week. Tuesday the 12th was my 31st birthday. I had a great day and I may post more about my birthday this weekend, but today's post is about my Valentines.

Houston had a milk cup that I took away from him to be able to take a picture this morning before school

This is picture 1, right when I took the cup away from him
Picture 2; "hey I want my cup back"
Picture 3; "OK I really want my cup back, NOW"
Picture 4; "haha, Mom gave in" 
I gave up with a picture of both of them so I just took Landon's picture with Houston in the background

We had breakfast foods for dinner tonight. Pancakes, eggs and bacon off the griddle
Landon picked out our Valentine cookies at the store last night and he baked them tonight
After bath's the boys opened their Valentine's presents

Checking out their loot
Landon showing me his new Leapster
Another attempt of a picture with the boys together

Jason and I don't exchange Valentines, I really don't remember that last time we did. I really have no use for flowers and I surly do not need candy. I would rather spend our money on something for us as a couple some other time when we need or want to. He is such a great husband and daddy to our boys and that is the best gift he could give me. He also knows my love language and he does those 365 days a year. Plus he just bought me a new mini van 2 weeks ago so I guess that is really my big present for the rest of the year. ;o)

Happy Valentines Day!

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