Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sky High Jump

Yesterday we took Landon to a new play place we heard about in Nashville. It's called Sky High Jump and its a huge room full of trampolines, trampoline walls and a fun foam pit that you can either rope swing into or jump into.
Here's Landon jumping on the trampolines
He was moving so fast I could not get a good picture of him

His favorite part was the foam pit and the rope swing
I also jumped with him and let me tell you that is some serious exercise. They didn't have a good way to get out of the foam pit but to climb your way out and that is what really wears you out and makes you sweat.
One of the guys that worked there told me you can burn at least 1000 calories in 1 hour by jumping on those things, we jumped for TWO.
Landon had a BLAST
Here are two videos from our fun new place

It was so FUN and we will definitely go back and take daddy

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