Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Houston is 11 months old

Our sweet, mild tempered, best baby ever, Houston turned 11 months old on August 3, 2012. Seriously, this baby turns 1 year old in less than 4 weeks. NOT possible. 
Here is what our sweet baby boy has been doing

Weight: 21 to 22lbs
Size 3 diaper, about to be in a size 4
12-18 month clothes
Started pulling to stand on EVERYTHING. 
I walked in his room the other morning and he was standing up in his crib :o)
He's about to start the toddler room next week at MDO. Really the toddler room? I have a toddler already?
Still has blue eyes. Landon's changed to brown at this age, so I think Houston's will stay blue
Takes 7oz bottles 4 to 5 times a day
Self feeding is getting better as well as the sippy cup
LOVES yo baby yogurt, Gerber Melts and the Gerber Wagon Wheels
He got his 1st black eye this week. He ran into the corner of Jason's nightstand
Says "da-da"

Happy 11 months baby Houston. Cant wait for your 1st birthday party. 
Your our little rock star!

Houston at 1 month old and now were 1 month from him turning 1 year old.

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