Monday, May 28, 2012

Pool day

Saturday we all went over to our good friends house and enjoyed their pool for a few hours. This was Houston's first time in a pool and Landon's 1st swim for the summer. The first swim always kicks off summer for us and we look forward to several more swims in the next several months.

My boys in the pool for the 1st time this summer
My world all in one picture
Landon LOVES the water
and is NOT afraid to jump right in
In true Houston fashion, he was just perfect and enjoyed lounging in his "new" crab float. This was actually Landon's float when he was this age. sigh ;)
Being a happy boy in the water and enjoying the shade

Flashback: Landon in the same crab float summer 2009. Seriously where did this baby go?
Landon started swim lessons today and learned how to float on his back by himself just in one lesson. Expensive swim lessons yes, but worth every penny for him to know how to swim.

Another note: Jason turns 31 tomorrow ;o) Happy Birthday babe.

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