Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mothers Day gifts from school

This week our preschool celebrated Mothers Day with "Muffins for Mom". The classes set up muffins and juice in the kids classroom along with some type of homemade gift. Landon and I were able to spend a few moments this morning eating the muffins and drinking our juice, but he was more excited about showing me his Mothers Day gift's he made just for me.

A candle and home made card
A poem inside the card and Landon wrote his own name
Hand print flower pot with finger print flowers
This one is my favorite.
Landon was asked a few questions about me and his teachers wrote them down
I love that he thinks I am 5lbs and 8ft tall.
My sweet little man's face on a magnet
I just LOVE home made gifts from Landon. These are gifts I will cherish forever and will store in a safe place.

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