Sunday, May 15, 2011

Does this kid come with a manual?

We have had a pretty busy and semi-rough weekend. Busy because we have had some activities planned for the weekend and rough because of Landon's behavior. We are certainly in full swing of the terrible two's, but now we are moving right along in the terrifying three's. Everyone has been telling me that 3's are worse than 2's. WORSE, how can anything be worse than the typical 2 year old lay on the floor kicking and screaming, its mine, I want that, NO, cant go to a restaurant, heck cant go out in public without a tantrum 2 year old behavior. Saturday was my breaking point. I came unglued and lost my cool. Landon had a bad day. I don't now why he was just not in a good mood. I told him no on something and of course he did not like that answer and he began to retaliate. Throwing toys, telling me no and then proceeded to hit me on the leg. I LOST it. This is only about the 1,000 time he has done this. I said that's it, I need help on how to control this child and a better discipline tactic, because what we are doing is NOT working. Does anyone elses kid do this? Does this phase past? Does it get better? I went to our local library and picked up this book our doctor recommended

I'm going to start tonight and hope I can learn something from the book. I keep thinking this to shall pass.

On a happier note saturday we were able to get an ultrasound and see our baby.

It's a picture of a picture, so not the best quality. All looks great and we could not be happier

I am 11 weeks tomorrow. This time around I feel like "things" and when I mean "things", I mean belly, boobs and butt are starting to stick out faster and larger the 2nd time around. Was it like that for anyone else on their 2nd baby?

This morning Landon came and woke me up and said "I kiss mommy" and he gave me a kiss and then he said "I kiss baby" and kissed my belly. This melted my heart with happiness, but also made me feel quilty about yesterday afternoon with my meltdown.

I cant blog without a picture of my little man who is having a better day today ;O)
Even though you push ALL my buttons at the same time I LOVE you more than you will ever know

I do have to brag on him. Landon has been in underwear for 2 days and has gone pee and poo and he is telling us when he has to go. I think we are offically over pull-ups.

Only 6 more days of school till Landon and I are on summer break ;o)

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  1. HA! I totally know where you are coming from. I have lost it with Colt lately. Yes the terrible twos (and threes) are AWFUL, but I really believe that I have lost a little (a lot) of my ability to deal because of pregnancy hormones....especially during the first trimester. Things have gotten better now though. Good luck!