Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend wrap up

It's been pretty cold and rainy in Nashville this weekend, but that didn't stop Jason from working in the yard. Friday afternoon we had 1 ton of flat flagstone rock delivered to our house.

So all day yesterday Jason worked in the yard stacking the rock around our mailbox and outlined the flower bed in the front yard. Landon and I helped a little ;o)

This pretty much took up our whole day


We still need several scoops of new black mulch and a few more colorful flowers by the mailbox. We are really happy with the outcome since this was the first time we have done something like this.

After working in the yard we went to visit my brother-in-law at Vanderbilt hospital. He gave one of his kidneys to his brother 4 days ago. Both are doing great and went home today.

Today we went to church and ate lunch afterwards. My new kitchen chandelier came in friday so maybe we will work on getting it up today or at least this week.

Well I'm off to the grocery store. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Back to school tomorrow after being off for a week for spring break. Glad to get back in the routine.

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