Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunny saturday

We had a great saturday today. The weather was the best we have had in a few weeks, sunny and in the 60's. Jason got up with Landon this morning so I could sleep in. They both came up and woke me up about 9:15am this morning. I tell you I felt like a new person. He is also volunteering to get up with Landon tomorrow as well. He knows my love language.

About 10am Jason hung up our new kitchen light

While I was making lunches the boys went out to clean the pond

Landon came in with this mess

After a quick rinse off and lunches the boys went down for naps, I went shopping. I needed a few new things for spring and summer. I mostly wear dresses in the summer and I did buy a few I liked, but I branched out and bought a pair of Capri's and 2 shirts.

After 3 hours of shopping I was ready to come home and eat. haha ;o) We had an early dinner out and as soon as we pulled in the drive way coming home the ever so popular ice cream van came driving by. So we had ice cream.

Landon picked out the mega missile ice pop and he ate the whole thing

It's 8pm now and we are sitting down to watch Alpha and Omega, Landon's choice. Not sure what its about what that is what he wanted.

Hope everyone had a great saturday!!

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