Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our last lazy weekend this year

We had a great LAZY weekend. This was the first weekend where we didn't have a wedding, baby shower, birthday party or any other activity planned. This will probably we our last weekend like this till the new year.

The only home project I did this weekend was paint an old light fixture and buy a new glass globe for it. I wish I took a before picture, but this fixture was brass and I painted it chrome with metal spray paint that my mom had. So this whole makeover cost me $3.00 for the glass globe.

Saturday night Jason's parents watched Landon for us while Jason and I went to eat at P.F. Changs. YUM YUM!!

After dinner we took advantage of our babysitters (haha) and went shopping. We bought this leather ottoman for our living room. We needed a table and a little more storage

This morning after church we came home and have been lazy ever since. I did go to the grocery store, but that doesn't count

Well its 4:30pm and turning dark. So I guess were staying in for the night ;o)

Have a great week

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