Friday, December 4, 2009

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

I am not one to put up 3-5 Christmas tree's around the house. I am doing good to get one down from the attic, put together and decorated. We just have 1 Christmas tree and that's enough for us. I didn't put a Christmas tree in Landon's room his year. I was planning on it, but I knew it would not last long in there as I have a 17 month old who would tear it apart in 5 minutes. Next year Landon will be 2 and I think he would appreciate it more then. So until next Christmas we have 1 tree.

The tree

My new bow a friend of mine from work made. I think it's very cute!!

My favorite ornaments

All of my ornaments have meaning behind them. Most are from places we have vacationed over the years, some are ones we received as wedding gifts, our 1st Christmas together ornaments, fraternity and sorority ornaments and a few from Landon's 1st Christmas last year.

Here are a few ornaments from the places we have visited

Yellowstone National Park

St. Thomas, Virgin Isands

Chicago, IL

San Fransico, CA

O sweet home, Chattanooga, TN

Be on the look out for future Christmas decorations post.

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