Monday, December 28, 2009

Home Improvements

Here are a few of our new home improvements.

1995 Kitchen sink and faucet before

2009 Kitchen sink and faucet after

1995 bathroom faucet before

2009 bathroom faucet after

We have two bathrooms that we replaced the same faucets in.

Next home improvement project is we are moving our den area into our front living room and making our den into Landon's playroom so we are able to keep all his toys in this room and give him more space to play in.

here is the paint color. Green Chilies. Hard to tell the color in a picture.

Curtain with the paint. The curtain is chocolate brown with green and blue circles


What do you think about the paint and the curtain? I bought a sample can of the paint and painted a few spaces on the walls so I can look at it for a few days to make sure I really like the color. Once all our Christmas decorations are put away we are going to paint the walls and the trim. Our trim color is going to be semi-gloss WHITE WHITE!!
What do you think? Any other ideas?


  1. Looks good, make sure you always use FLAT wall paint, b/c if you use any kind of gloss on walls it shows all the imperfections in your sheet rock.

  2. Love the curtains! :-) I use satin on the walls because it is easier to clean and LOVE high gloss on the trim, just a suggestion.