Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Zoey's new do

About every 3 months we have Zoey groomed. We have a mobile grooming service come to our home who gives Zoey an ultimate spa hour. I use to take her to a groomer's who had you drop the dog off at 8am and would not be able to pick-up till 2pm or after. I hated to leave Zoey there that long and now that I have a child I have to load and unload into a car seat and try to hold him and handle Zoey at the same time, our mobile groomer has been a saint. She just pulls her van into the driveway, plugs up to our house and groom's Zoey in about an hour. I just love a newly groomed dog, don't you?




  1. do you use Aussie Pet mobile? that is what we use! I love them. It is so nice to not have to drive bailey to the groomers with Mason. oh the things we do for our pets!

  2. mary, we use a local girl. she is awesome!! i wish i found her sooner.