Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Zoey!!

Today our sweet Zoey turns 4 years old. She was born November 20, 2005 in a Georgia puppy mill. She spent the 1st year of her life there. We are not sure of the conditions of the mill, but we do know that her ears were cropped and she had 1 litter of puppies. In January 2007 she was rescued by a schnauzer rescue organization, Schnauzer Love Rescue. You can check their site out here. From there she was taken to a GA vet's office to get the medical treatment she needed and was fostered by her saving grace Jan, who loved on our little Zoey for 2 months. On March 17, 2007 we adopted Zoey and she found her "fur" ever home. Here is a link to Zoey's story and how we found each other.

( i have not been able to get the link go straight to the site, so you will have to copy and paste into your brower to see the story)

Here are a few pictures of our little girl.

March 17, 2007. The 1st time we saw Zoey

Zoey's 1st snow!! January 2008

The day we brought Landon home from the hospital. August 2008

Landon's 1st brithday. July 2009

November 2009

Happy Birthday to the best dog in the world!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Zoey! Your post goes along well with Kelly's Show Us Your Life as well. I totally forgot about my "other" baby Ali.