Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Houston

I am a few days late on this post, but with school, baseball and my training schedule for running our family is busy. 

Our little miracle, Houston, turned 2 years old on Tuesday, September 3. My once 2 lb 7 oz 15" preemie is now 2 years old. We had a small birthday party for him last week at home, but I did not take the first picture. My father-in-law took all the pictures from that day and I have not gotten back the CD of them all. On his actual birthday we still had work, school and Landon had baseball that night. So we just did a little cookout and cake with a few family and friends.

I did manage to find him a birthday boy shirt he wore all day
After school we had our little cookout and cake before baseball practice
Houston's cake
Blowing out candles

Enjoying his cake
Later that night Houston started wheezing real bad. He has had allergies for the last month, but never wheezing. Well since he had croup and RSV last year I know what to watch for and when to get the medication. I called the on call doctor since it was 7 pm when all this happened. She called in his breathing treatments and on his birthday before bed he got a breathing treatment.
He's a trooper. 

For throwback Thursday here are a few pictures from Houston's birth.

September 3, 2011: 2 lbs. 7 oz. at 26 weeks 
September 3, 2013: 28 lbs. at 2 years old; 66% percentile for weight
15" long at birth
35.5" long at 2 years old; 95% percentile
First time I was able to hold Houston at 3 days old
First family photo
Family photo July 2013

Our God is just truly amazing and Houston is our living miracle. He is a wonderful blessing and even though some days are tough with a toddler, I look back at the beginning and thank God I am able to have the good and bad days with him. That I am able to be his mother and be present for every milestone that he keeps achieving with flying colors. 

Happy Birthday Houston!

Mom, dad and brother. 

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