Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Tuesday

I just have another random post today with a few happenings in the last few days. Most are iPhone pictures, so not the best quality.

Last weekend Suzanne, Sarah and I along with our husbands had a parents night out. We had 5 blissful kid free hours of eating dinner and shopping together
Since it's been getting dark at 5 pm here I had to invest in a head lamp for night running
A few of us girls got together for a nice 5 to 6 mile run Sunday afternoon. These are some great girls I run with. 
Sparky the elf is back and has been very busy trying to figure out where he's going to next
When we visited Santa at the Opryland Hotel we found Shrek's house by the river.
Saturday night was our running club's Christmas party. I wanted to get a picture of Suzanne and I before we got all sweaty from dancing
Photo boom courtesy of Landon
Jane, Suzanne and myself at the party
My handsome hubby. We had the best time and it really was one of the best Christmas parties I have ever attended
One night last week I was cooking dinner and found Landon asleep. Poor thing he doesn't really get a nap in pre-k so when he comes home and sit's he's usually out.
Houston found out how to take the Christmas ornaments off the tree tonight
Well that about sums up our random happenings. We have 2 days left of school till were out for 3 glorious weeks. We don't return till January 7th

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