Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Predators Game

Last night Jason and I took Landon to his first ever hockey game. Nashville has an NHL hockey team named the Nashville Predators. Carrie Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher plays for them, unfortunately Carrie was not there last night. ;o( The game started kinda late, well late for us, it started at 7pm and we left at half time which was at 9pm. Landon was melting down and losing interest, plus we had to pick up Houston at the sitters house.
Landon didn't have a nap at school, so on the way downtown he feel asleep

Finally found our seats and settled in with coke and candy
Landon would not look at the camera
Focusing on the game

Lost interest and ready to go home
Overall he did pretty good for being a 3 year old. Once the food ran out it was time to go ;o)
I wanted to mention that Houston turned 7 months old yesterday. 7 months how on earth did my baby grow so fast? I hope to have his 7 month post up this week.

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