Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy 7 months Houston

Houston turned 7 months old Tuesday, April 3rd. I cant believe another month has come and gone and my baby is another month older. I am already thinking about his 1st birthday party and booked the space last month. ;o)
Here are the stats on Mr. Houston:
Weight: somewhere between 17 and 18 pounds
Height: somewhere between 26 and 27 inches
Size 3 diapers
9 month clothes, a few 6 months are still fitting depending on the brand
  • As you can tell by this picture he is drooling everywhere and I cant keep his shirts dry. No teeth yet
  • You roll from your back to your belly. In the middle of the night you roll to your belly and it wakes you up and makes you VERY mad. Mommy gets up and rolls you back over and then you fall right back to sleep
  • You take a 6 oz bottle every 4 hours
  • You LOVE your fruits, vegetables and rice cereal and eat them about 2 to 3 times a day
  • You are a BIG "talker" and love to be tickled
  • You still sleep from about 7:30pm to 5:00am. Thank you for being a good sleeper
  • Your a cat napper and nap several times a day for about 45mins each time
  • Your still a laid back guy and just go with the flow
  • You have started to be interested in toys and grabbing them
  • Still no hair and still have blue eyes
  • Two weeks ago we saw a Neurologist and Physical Therapist from the NICU where you spent the first 67 days of your life. They both said the same thing, that you are VERY healthy baby. You should not have a problem hitting the big milestones in the next few years. Your brain, eyes, lungs, and heart which most preemies your age have problems with are all healthy and developing like they should. Your muscle tone and flexibility all seem normal and it should not be long till you are sitting up independently.
  • We could not be more happy with Houston's progress. We know how blessed we are that God provided us with a healthy baby even though the beginning of his journey started out very tough, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Houston I just look at you and truly believe that there is a special place in God's heart for children. I don't know why he choose for you to be born so premature and then your outcome be a healthy and happy one. Why he choose for you and us to go through what we did, only for you to be healthy and have a bright future. We may not know the answers now or we may never now, but I do know you complete our family. Every day you learn something new and seek to amaze me with your strong will and determination.
Houston, mommy, daddy and Landon LOVE you very much.
Happy 7 months!

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  1. So glad he is doing so well! He sounds so much like Sula. Laid back. Big blue eyes and bald head and the rolling over and getting mad at night. Happy seven months!