Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nashville Zoo

About two weeks ago Landon and I, along with my good friend Sarah and her son Brady visited the Nashville Zoo. Since we live in Nashville we visit the zoo pretty frequently, but for the next few months they have a dinosaur exhibit, called DinoTrek. The dinosaur's were very realistic, they moved and made sounds and very were life like. We liked it so much that we became members of the zoo and were going back this week to take Jason and Houston with us. Here are a few pictures from our fun zoo day.

Landon and Brady
He LOVED the dinosaurs and was not scared of them at all

The T-Rex was the best. You go over the swinging bridge and right up to T-Rex

At the end of the exhibit they have a sand area you can dig for dinosaur bones. This was right up the boys ally. We could have just done this and they would have been happy.
The carousel ride was his second favorite
OK maybe Alligator Cove was his 2nd favorite
My favorite
Then time to run around on the HUGE playground
We were not even in the car 10 minutes and he was OUT

We had a great day. However we did miss baby Houston, he was at the sitters house. Friday Jason, Landon, Houston and I are all going together as a family of 4.

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