Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I hosted Thanksgiving at my house this year and I only had time to pull out my camera one time. I didn't even get a family photo. O well. Thanksgiving was pretty laid back. My mom came over to eat as well as a few close friends of ours who's son is one of Landon's best friends. Brady got a new 4 wheeler a few weeks ago and he brought it over for Landon to ride.

Brady and Landon

Landon's turn to drive with Brady and his mom Sarah

This is what Landon asked Santa for Christmas. His very own 4 wheeler from Bass Pro Shop. I told Landon when he can buy it himself is when he can have a $7,000 4 wheeler
Houston did a bunch of this on Thanksgiving
I am thankful to have all my boys home for Thanksgiving. When Houston was born the doctor's told us that he probably would not be home by Thanksgiving. They were right about everything with Houston, but not that. God is AMAZING and MIRACLES do happen


  1. Love the picture of Houston!! So glad he is HOME!

  2. Praise the Lord - God is so GOOD! Btw, I cannot wait to see a family picture of you all on the side of your blog. :)