Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Houston is 8 weeks old

Yesterday Houston turned 8 weeks old. Hard to believe he is 8 weeks old and we are still 4-5 weeks out from my original due date. He is truly our miracle child. How he could be born so early and the outcome be as positive as it has been. How healthy he is with no physical or mental issue's due to his prematurity and how hes coming home before his due date. How someone could not believe in God after a miracle like ours I just don't know.

Here is what Houston has been up to these days:
  • 5lbs. 3oz.
  • 19 inches long
  • He just started taking all bottles (8 a day) and his NG tube will come out tonight or early tomorrow morning
  • He went spell free for 5 days then he had one on Sunday, Oct 30. So we started the 5 day spell count down again. As of today we are on day 2. He has to go 5 days without a spell to go home.
  • If  he continues to take his bottles well and he is spell free for the next 3 days then the earliest we could go home is this weekend. ;o) OMG this weekend!!!
  • My mommy instinct says we go home next week sometime. Which is so hard to believe we are close enough to even talk about going home with our baby.
  • He also has to take his car seat test when the doctors give us the go ahead and bring the car seat in. All the babies in the NICU have to have this test before going home. The baby has to sit in the car seat for the amount of time it takes you to get from the hospital to your house, so for us its 30 minutes. Houston has to sit in the seat for 30 minutes with his monitors on without having any desats in his heart rate or respiratory rate.
  • Jason and I have one more video to watch, CPR, before we can room in with Houston
  • Rooming In is where the parents spend the night before going home in the hospital with baby in the room. Gives us a chance to have that overnight stay a normal mom would have after having a full term baby with a nurse on duty.

Houston at 8 weeks old

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  1. Can't believe its been eight weeks! I look forward to reading about your homecoming!