Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rooming In

Tomorrow night if all goes well, Jason and I will be rooming in with Houston and be discharged Tuesday morning. Hard to believe that after 65 days in the NICU we will finally be taking our baby boy home. Today his doctor called me and gave me the news about tomorrow night and she went ahead and ordered the last few things that needed to be done before discharge. Today Houston had his car seat test and passed with no problems, he also has his boy surgery and he had his synergies shot to help protect against RSV. Tomorrow he will have his hearing test and an echocardiogram to check out his tiny heart murmur before we room in. When he passes all those Jason and I will room in with him about 5pm and hopefully be discharged tuesday morning. We have been very busy trying to get the house cleaned and organized before he comes home. I have tons of pictures, but my lap top is in the shop for maintainence so I'm using the iPad to blog. Keep praying houston continues to thrive and we have a great first night together. Jason, Landon and I are enjoying our last night as a family of 3 tonight. Believe it or not were looking forward to the sleepless nights and the chaois of adding another person into our family. I'm just ready for all my boys to be together and under one roof. I'll have my lap top back next week and will post lots of pictures.

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