Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Landon

Today my sweet red headed boy turns 3 years old. WOW!! 3 years where has the time gone? This morning we went to Chuch 'E' Cheese for games, then Chick-fil-A for lunch, Publix for cake mix then home for naps. Tonight we have swim lessons and then the grandparents are coming over for a pizza party. Busy, but very FUN day spending it with my birthday boy.

The first time I was able to hold Landon. He was born at 33 wks and 4 days; July 14, 2008
 1st birthday; July 2009
 2nd birthday; July 2010
 3rd birthday; July 14, 2011
You have rocked our world for 3 years. You came into this world 6 weeks early, but that didn't stop you and you have never looked back. We love more than anything in the world and are very blessed to be your parents. We look forward to seeing you in the next few months when you become a big brother to Houston. I know you will love him as much as we love you. You are our world and we live life everyday just for you. Landon, you have so many qualities that we love and some we don't at times, but we will always love you and continue to walk this path of life with you. We love you!
mom and dad

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  1. Awe what a sweet post! Happy birthday big boy Landon :)Becky Branch