Monday, February 7, 2011

31 and Dave Ramsey

Have you ever heard of 31? I have not until I went to a 31 party. 31 is a Christian company that sales very cute purses, laundry totes, backpacks, baby items and ALL kinds of awesome bags. An added bonus almost every item can be monogrammed. I went to a party a few weeks ago and got these two items

This is the thermal lunch tote with my initials on it

This is my favorite bag, its the large utility tote. I can fit so much in it for school. I can carry my purse, lunch tote, Landon's lunch and all his nap mat things everyday. I have friends that use it for holding laundry, sports equipment in their car, groceries, etc....

I LOVE all kinds of bags. I loved these so much I am hosting a 31 party at my house this week. Check out their website for more cute bags

On another note, Jason and I had the opportunity to see Dave Ramsey live in Nashville Saturday. He is one of the best motivational and financial speakers I have ever heard. We had such a great time listening to him and learning about debt, budgets and how to plan for the future. We were about 6 rows from the stage. That is the closet I have ever been to a celebrity (he is a celebrity in my mind) and when I went to take a picture my camera battery DIED. UGH!! I got 1 picture out of it

Can you see him? haha Its the worst picture ever. O well! He was still awesome and I recommend anyone to listen to him and take his course or read his books.

5 days till the BIG 29!!

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