Sunday, January 9, 2011

More home improvements

Jason and I have been doing more home improvement projects. First we took down an old out dated light in our guest bath and put up a new one.



Then we changed all our old door knobs to newer more updated ones

I found a new dresser for Landon for his new big boy room, so I cleaned his drawers out and moved all his clothes to his new one

I have had several people ask what I am doing for Landon's new room. Here is the bedding I choose. He is SO into cars, trucks, airplanes, trains, etc... I found this bedding online and it has all the things he loves right now. I really liked the bright colors and thought he could grow with this for a few years

His room is still a work in progress. We hope to get his new bed together this weekend and we will almost be done.

Were suppose to have anywhere between 4"-6" of snow tonight so L and I may have a snow day tomorrow. ;o)

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