Friday, January 21, 2011


Landon and I do not have school on Fridays so its nice to sleep in and take our time in the mornings. Today we woke up to a dusting of snow

nothing to keep us inside so we drove to the YMCA so I could have my morning workout then it was off to get fitted for new tennis shoes. Landon has been saying "my shoes to tight". The last pair I bought was in august when school started so it was probably time.

We we came home our alarm system guy was here to install this

It's a wireless remote for our alarm system in our home. I thought I was going to get a key pad for upstairs (we already have one downstairs), but this was the best option without running cable and drilling a hole in my wall.

After he left, L took a 3 hour nap (PTL) and he is focused on OSO at the moment

Jason should be home within an hour or so and its that time of day again to think about dinner.
Anyone have fun and exciting weekend plans?

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