Friday, June 25, 2010

Yard sale finds

Landon and I were headed to the pool today and I passed a yard sale in my neighborhood. To my surprise this caught my eye

A play kitchen! I stopped and hopped out of the car to take a closer look. It was in great shape, barley used and it was not all pink and purple. Trying to find a used kitchen that's not made in all pink and purple is not easy. She had it priced at $25I asked if she would take $15 for it and she agreed. After the pool Landon and I went back to haul it home.
Jason and I do not agree on the kitchen issue. I have been wanting to get one for a year now and Jason has been fighting me on it. He thinks it's to "girlie" for a boy to have a kitchen. We have toy kitchen's at church and mother's day out and ALL the boys LOVE them. Is this a guy thing? Does your husband disagree on getting so called "girlie" toys for boys? I mean I found one that had yellow and blue on it and not all pink and purple. I knew he would say something about it when he got home from work, but i didn't care. It's for Landon and he likes it and that's all that matters. I bet a play tool bench is in the near future. BTW: Landon has a vacuum and LOVES it! ha ;o)

I think he likes it

I also found this PT Cruiser car at the yard sale for $1.00 and a brand new slip 'n' slide for $1.00. I love a good deal ;o)

We had to make room for the new kitchen so we cleaned a little. A clean toy room for now.

While I was cleaning up the toy room I found a new work of original art by Mr.Landon himself

Look's like someone found the sharpie

Have a good weekend!

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  1. I love a good bargain! Looks like you got some really great stuff - and can't beat those prices. Its amazing what you can find sometimes. Your son looks like he is having a blast with his new kitchen - and no - there is nothing wrong with a little boy playing with a kitchen - maybe one day he will be a famous chef :)