Saturday, June 5, 2010

1st haircut and Discovery Center

We have had the busiest day today. Jason and I both had several errands to run today and had to attend a birthday party. Our first stop was to get Jason a haircut. While we were there I thought I would get Landon his 1st little trim. He has some great red curls, but they were getting pretty wild. I did not have my camera, but I would not have been able to take any picture's because Landon was NOT having it. I was not sure what would be the best way to go about it, so we first sat him down in the chair, NO. Then I sat in the chair and him in my lap, another NO. So I stood up and held him, NO NO and NO! I pulled out the suckers, cell phone, sunglasses, water bottle, anything I could, but nothing helped. The stylist was able to get a little off the back, that was about as good as it got. Here is his first cut curls

Baby's 1st haircut

Love those red curls

After lunch and nap we headed to a birthday party at our local children's museum, The Discovery Center. Landon LOVES this place and it's fun for adults as well. I bought Landon and I a summer pass so we will be going a lot while we are on summer break.

This is at the top of the tree house

Music room

Already driving!

He LOVED the turtles

My good friend Rebecca

Our attempt at taking a picture with our boys

After the water area

Outside view

The playground

Notice Landon hanging from the bar? He is not afraid of anything

I cant believe he is almost 2

Happy Saturday!

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