Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fire House visit

Like everyone else we have been extremely busy and the blog has suffered because of it. I cant possibly post all of last months happenings, so I'm just going to post a few fun things we did.

Towards the end of October our local fire house had an open house for fire prevention week. Landon and I went for a few hours to enjoy some of the activities they had for the families.

Landon spent about an hour in this bounce house
We actually know this firefighter, so he let Landon play with the hose and put out "fires"
He LOVED this as well
And what kid does not like sitting in a firetruck
Or driving one

There was a raffle drawing when we were there and my ticket got picked. I won a very nice first aid kit for the house. 

We really live in a great town with lots of fun things to do. Landon and I really enjoyed our time together.

Two work days this week. YAY!!

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