Friday, February 10, 2012

Lazy Day

Sorry I have been MIA for a week, not that I have a lot of followers and most of them are family that I talk to, so I guess me not blogging for a week didn't matter. ;o) Anyway, not a lot has been going on the last few days so that is why I have not posted. Landon has had a head cold this week and Houston woke up this morning with green snot, cough, congestion and wheezing. Since he was so premature they wanted him to come in and check him out to rule out RSV. Thank goodness he didn't have it, just a cold he probably got from big brother.

This is what Houston has pretty much done all day. I don't blame him, its cold and dreary here today plus he just doesn't feel good.
After the doctors office
Big brother watching Disney channel

I love not working on Fridays so I can just hang out with my boys and do errands and make appointments.

2 days till I'm the BIG 30!!
More to come!

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