Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let it snow, Let snow, Let it snow

We finally got our snow day here in TN. Schools were closed on Thursday and Friday. The snow came in on Thursday afternoon and has been here since. Jason, Landon and I ventured outside this morning. It's suppose to stay below freezing through the weekend so maybe I will get another snow day on Monday. Here are a few pictures of the Warf's in the snow.

Our house and fish pond with snow

Wagon ride in the snow

Mommy and Landon in the snow


Zoey and Bear (we are dog sitting Bear for the weekend)

Making a snow angel

The result

Happy snow day!!


  1. Was it frigid cold there too?? We were only able to stand the teen degree weather for a few moments!!

  2. How fun! I am looking forward to Colt being old enough to play in the snow!