Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The BIG 40!!

It took me 12 months, but I did it. I lost 40 lbs and still going.

This is me in March 2009. I was 2 months into Weight Watchers

Me tonight after my weigh-in. 40.8 lbs lighter

I use to have to lay on the bed to squeeze into these size 16 jeans.

My goal is to lose a total of 45 lbs. I have 3.2 lbs more to go till I can reach that goal and then 6 weeks of weight maintenance. After those 6 weeks I stay within my goal weight I can become a lifetime member of Weight Watchers. I have more self confidence and more energy without those 40 lbs. I never want to see them again!!

Did you notice my newly painted green wall and curtains? Jason and his dad painted our living room on Saturday. We are in the process of looking at LCD flat screen TVs to go over our mantle. Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. Congrats! You are looking good!

  2. yay! you go girl!!! I am so proud of you!! I lost 65lbs after Emma and it is seriously rewarding!! I think you are awesome!!