Friday, December 2, 2011

Santa Visit

Last week I took the boys to visit Santa. For Houston's health we went right when Santa opened and on a weekday. There were not a lot of people and I didn't get him out till right when Santa was ready for him. I asked Santa NOT to touch him so that is why Houston is wrapped in a blanket. Yes I'm one of those mom's, but he's a preemie so I HAVE to be careful. I was a little nervous about Santa and Landon this year. The last two years he did NOT like Santa, but this year Landon was all about Santa and told him everything he wanted for Christmas. I was impressed. Anyway here is my boys with Santa

 I LOVE seeing this picture and what a miracle Houston is. I'm blessed to have two healthy boys. This time last Christmas I was praying I would have this exact picture in 2011. A picture with TWO of my babies.

This is Landon last year with Santa. He did NOT like Santa at all and every picture with Santa he is crying, screaming and trying to get away from him as fast as possible.
His first time visiting Santa; Christmas 2009

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  1. So funny! What a difference a year makes. Colt was the same way. He was so excited this year and I couldnt believe he even told Santa what he wanted. These boys are growing up!